What can I do to promote my business on Bizbuzz?

Here's a quick overview of what you can do on Bizbuzz - and how you and your business can benefit.

We suggest you read this when you first visit, and bookmark it and come back to it every now and again, as there are lots of things to do on Bizbuzz, and different activities will suit your business at different times.

Create a user account

When you create an account, you also make it easy to connect with other users and for them to find out more about you, and potentially your business. Having an account is free - and it gives you access to privileges such as being able to ask an expert a question, create a free directory listing for your business, and visit parts of the site or do things which unregistered users are not enabled to do.

Your user account provides very basic information about you. This is used when you post in the forums, submit an article, leave a comment, or generally interact with your site. Make sure you include:

  • your name
  • a short signature
  • a photo (black and white, or with a digital effect, if you are shy)
  • tick the box to allow other users to contact you via your personal contact form on the site. This is safer than posting your email address publicly.

Create a profile

A profile is a brief bio about yourself and the best way to "connect" with others. We all like to know who we are talking to. Meeting a person face-to-face is more personal than "meeting" them over the phone. Add personality to your profile, and you'll find your networking efforts on Bizbuzz much more effective.

Create a business listing in the directory

This is a great way to get profile for your business. Not only will it show up in the directory, but when you interact on the site (leave a comment, write a blog, etc.) your name is linked to your bio (profile) and directory listing.

Write your own blog

Every registered user has their own blog on Bizbuzz. A blog is a great way to share your thoughts and opinions. (See how it's different to an article below). You can write something daily, weekly or as often as you wish. All blogs appear in the "Community" section of Bizbuzz.

Contribute articles

Articles on Bizbuzz convey information on how to do something in a home or small business, and are not self-promotional. Contributing articles is a great way to showcase your expertise, grow a profile for yourself and your business, and give back to the community. We've made it super-easy too - just click Create Content and get typing! All articles go into moderation when they are saved and are checked by an editor before being published.

Ask and expert a question - or become an expert

If you're stumped and need an answer from a professional who is skilled in a particular area, just fire away! We'll get your question answered. And if you think you can answer other people's questions on your area of expertise, then apply to become an expert. You'll see the "Apply for role" link under "Your details".

Participate in the forums

Join in the discussion or start a new topic - it's up to you. Our forums have always been good places to kick a few tyres, introduce yourself or share your thoughts.

Add events to the calendar

If you are organising an event, or regularly organise events, then get in touch with us. We like to keep people informed about events they might like to attend and we have some great ways for you to become involved.

If you haven't already, sign up for our newsletters!

Full of tips and tricks, freebees and competitions - and how else can you stay in touch and find out what else we have in store for you?

There's more, of course, so keep coming back to check out what else is happening on Bizbuzz and what new opportunities we have for you.

Please note

There are some things we do not allow users to do. Abuse, inappropriate content and spamming will not be tolerated. Please read our guidelines in the FAQ before contacting other users with offers, promoting business opportunities, etc.