Beestings: Persuade people to buy your stuff

Persuading people to buy your stuff is about more than just changing their minds. This week's guaranteed-under-two-minute read has some tips and tools to manage your sales pipeline, help you put some convincing arguments in front of your potential customers, and making sure people believe what you're telling them.

Article of the week

We all know that people buy from businesses they know and trust, but how do you get to that sweet spot with your customers? Craig Dewe explains how and why to get prospects to believe (and believe in) you.

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If you use presentations in your business - and you probably should - Sean D'Souza shares some tips which will make a huge difference to the impact you are making with presentations, and your conversion rates.

Tip of the week

Small businesses are often brilliant at developing their product, or a skill around which they base a service, but they are often less good at selling it.

No matter what passion you have built your business around, how great your product or how clever or different your service, in essence, you are still a salesperson. Forming, developing and keeping relationships is at the heart of building a great business, so create and follow systems and processes to make sales, follow-up and customer service part of "the way we do things". Not only will you see immediate bottom-line benefits, but your business will be more saleable, and more valuable, for it.

Hot spot of the week
The best way to keep your sales pipeline healthy is to manage it effectively. Using an online tool such as Pipedrive can make this process easier and more effective. When you are actively ensuring a supply of leads coming into the pipeline and making sure each one is progressing to the next step, sales can  just seem to happen. 

Quote of the week

I like to think of sales as the ability to gracefully persuade, not manipulate, a person or persons into a win-win situation. 
- Bo Bennett

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Heather and the Bizbuzz Team