Who's who in Our Hive

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I enjoy operating my online retail store which has been serving parents since 2006. I specialise in baby products which are innovative, practical and appealing. My products  cover four key areas of caring for babies - changing (cloth nappies and accessories), feeding, bathing and sleeping...

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Wedding Photographer

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I started HomebizBuzz in 2000, when I worked from home and realised there was nowhere for home businesses to find relevant information, nor a community of like-minded people to tap into for support, or just a chat.

Since then the site has grown to be a popular, active destination for self...

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Jamie Smith has 22 years experience in Marketing and Business Development roles in Retail, Franchise, Wholesale and Service Industries. His emphasis is on developing Strategies, Marketing Planning and Service Delivery Systems for small to large companies in New Zealand, including DB Group,...

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Helping people, communities, company directors, managers, and husband and wife teams progress in their work, experience more fulfilment and be more profitable, with less stress.

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Naturopath, Herbalist, Massage Therapist, Crochet Enthusiast

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Online marketing pro Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., knows how to transform professional services into hard-hitting copy that attracts clients without sounding sales-y. Download her FREE guide to avoiding the most common mistakes business owners make when hiring a copywriter.

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Pat O’Hagan works from an old villa (lots of maintenance) in Devonport Auckland as a building consultant carrying out pre-purchase inspections and investigating buildings failures. He specialises in cladding and internal lining problems as well as writing technical brochures for building...

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Genevieve Westcott networked her way around the world during her 21 years as a multi award-winning television correspondent and anchor. Today, as NZ’s leading communications mentor, she helps people become star performers for fame, fortune and fun. She’s a sought-after professional speaker...

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Providing you the best advice and assistance in computers.

If you need computer sales, service, repairs, upgrades, parts, or custom computer systems flick me an email! (jennifer@compulink.co.nz)

We now offer a full 2 year return to base Warranty on all Compulink Computer Systems....

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Teena Rose is a personal branding,

marketing, and optimization professional with http://www.beyondthecraft.com.

Part of her success comes from using key marketing tools, such as SEO Elite.

Click now for a free trial and download of SEO Elite.

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Debbie Mayo-Smith is a leading specialist in email and Internet marketing and a keynote speaker, consultant and trainer on marketing and business development.  She is also the author of a number of excellent books on marketing practices every home business should be using, including one taking...