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Sue Hirst is director of CFO On Call. CFO On Call is a team of financial and business advisors who work with open-minded people, committed to business growth and achieving success. They have been helping business owners achieve their goals for over 20 years. For help call them on 0800 180 400 or visit CFO On Call or visit their LinkedIn page here

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Monitoring your business's vital signs could quite possibly determine whether it survives or not. Sue Hirst explains.
11 Sep 2017
In recent years, New Zealand small and home businesses have found out the hard way how events outside their control, like earthquakes, floods or other natural disasters, can negatively affect them. While many of the losses relating to these events are covered by insurance, the bigger risks to businesses are the less obvious risks that are not claimable through insurance policies. Risk management for your business is more important now than ever before, and Sue Hirst explains how you can take some steps to mitigate potential threats.
17 Mar 2017
Cutting costs
Understanding costing is vital if you want your business to grow. Sue Hirst says many small and home business owners are working hard without seeing the results, and she has some tips to help you make your business more profitable.
10 Feb 2017
Upward trending graph
Service based business can be the most difficult in which to measure profitability. All kinds of issues can impact the difference between what is charged to a client and the cost of delivering the service. Sue Hirst has some tips to help you enhance the profitability of yours.
22 Aug 2016
Service businesses often can't bill for a simple piece of work done as projects can be complex and may span several months or even years. Work in Progress, says Sue Hirst, is a very sensitive driver in relation to cash flow and working capital in any business. She explains how you can stay on top of ongoing work and billing.
11 Apr 2016