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Sean D'Souza is the driving force behind "PsychoTactics", and an expert on using an understanding of psychology to dramatically increase sales. 12 years ago, he joined an advertising agency called Leo Burnett. The skills he learnt while working with one of the best advertising agencies of the world took Sean on the heady road of copywriting, writing TV commercials (and how to do them in 5 seconds), graphic design, cartoons and web design. The underlying synchronicity was the constant search to find ways to communicate in the simplest, most effective manner. Sean - who is based in Auckland - now offers these skills to others through e-books such as his insightful "The Brain Audit", seminars, in his free newsletter and via his web site.

My content

Powerpoint presentation
Whether you use your Powerpoint presentation in one-on-one or small-group situations, with a large audience or embedded on your web site, you may be passing up an opportunity to make a huge impression. Sean D'Souza shows you how.
18 Apr 2017
Mother Nature can teach you a thing or two about marketing, according to Sean d'Souza - and he spells out some of her rules.
06 Mar 2017
Image courtesy of Elvis Santana
We all know that feeling - the one of impending doom when the end of the month, but no money, is in sight. A major customer has cancelled a sale, or perhaps you've been too busy to worry about marketing and suddenly, when you need it most, business has dried up. Sean D'Souza has just the tactic to help save the day
22 Nov 2016
Image courtesy of Barnaby Norwood
If you design kitchens, is another kitchen designer your competition? Most likely not. And the sooner you can position and modify your marketing strategy against your real competition, the sooner you will start to see more business come through the door
25 Oct 2016
Do you hate a sales pitch? It seems we all do - so Sean D'Souza has some advice on how to make the pitch without it sounding too "salesy".
09 Feb 2016