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LOWER HUTT , Wellington region
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I'm a Certified Public Accountant who's also a member of RAN ONE to help me with my passion - helping business owners in achieving their goals. I do accounting and business development "virtually" - so location's not important as long as you have broadband. I worked for government departments and big business - but now I work where my passion lies - with smaller businesses. I'm a fan of Michael Gerber. We home schooled our children (now grown) - and have also left the institutional church - big is not better in so many cases. Whether it's business, family or church, it's about doing what's important to us - which includes having fun doing it. If your business is taking the joy out of your life, don't accept it - do something about it.

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There is always a tension between satisfying (or delighting) existing customers and winning new customers (as indeed there is with every task we face), but this is surely top of our list. There's a few simple things we can do.
04 Sep 2017
The client whisperer
How often do you wish you could control your customers' behaviour? You can, says Phil Astley - by taking a leaf out of dog whisperer Cesar Millan's book.
02 Aug 2017
Smooth sailing
Achieving great success is about a combination of factors - whether it's bringing home the America's Cup, or making your business the best it can be. Phil Astley reckons there's a lot for a business owner to learn from Team New Zealand's 2017 win.
10 Jul 2017
With online accounting options for small and home businesses becoming more and more readily available, and taking a variety of different forms, Phil Astley asks whether the free services available are worthwhile. While he feels they might be for some, he warns "free" could well be costly for the unwary.
22 Jun 2017
Never too young
For many business owners, selling the business is a big part of funding their retirement - but it can take several years to groom the business to get top dollar. For those looking to move on in the near - or not so near - future, Phil Astley has some sound advice.
07 Jun 2017