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LOWER HUTT , Wellington region
Member since 27 Jun 2010

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I'm a Certified Public Accountant who's also a member of RAN ONE to help me with my passion - helping business owners in achieving their goals. I do accounting and business development "virtually" - so location's not important as long as you have broadband. I worked for government departments and big business - but now I work where my passion lies - with smaller businesses. I'm a fan of Michael Gerber. We home schooled our children (now grown) - and have also left the institutional church - big is not better in so many cases. Whether it's business, family or church, it's about doing what's important to us - which includes having fun doing it. If your business is taking the joy out of your life, don't accept it - do something about it.

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We've never met a business owner who likes doing their taxes (even if working with an accountant). Phil Astley has some encouragement to help you get through this stage, and some suggestions to help you get more out of doing the books, and to make tax time easier for both you and your accountant, now and in future.
24 Apr 2017
Upselling is not about charging extra for something of little value. Done right, both parties win. Phil Astley explains how persuading your customer to buy something more than they were going to in the first place, can actually benefit both them and you.
03 Apr 2017
personal crisis
When you work for yourself, you don't have the luxury of an employer who steps in to cover for you or to take up some of the slack. So what do you when a personal crisis arises? Phil Astley shares some tips to help you get through the worst patch, and helps you and your business to come out the better for it.
01 Mar 2017
Shooting for the stars
Without an ongoing course of action, we start running aimlessly, followed by walking aimlessly. Phil Astley explains why running a business is like science, and how you can be more sure of reaching your goals.
07 Feb 2017
Too often decisions on accounting systems are made from a position of ignorance. These days most suppliers allow you to use their systems for a trial period. The period is usually too short by itself - but you can enter transactions for several months - so DO. NEVER assume anything.
13 Jan 2017