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Michael Todd is the Senior Consultant to OPS Global. This business helps and shows companies in Australia, New Zealand and now internationally how to get paid more quickly by their account customers - without any client upset.

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If you've got a debtor who just doesn't seem to get around to paying that outstanding account, Michael Todd has some advice for you.
30 May 2017
Hand holding coins
Sometimes you really, really need an overdue account to be paid, but are afraid putting pressure on the debtor could sour the relationship. Michael Todd suggests there is another option.
22 Feb 2016
Cashflow is king, and getting slow payers to cough up is an important part of keeping your business running smoothly. Michael Todd explains why, contrary to popular opinion, when customers default, it's the newer debts you should chase up first.
10 May 2013
Writing a cheque
In a previous article Michael Todd explained how to word your first email to a client who has not paid an account. Now, he steps you through the process if a further reminder is needed.
30 May 2011
Debtor days
Debt collection can be tricky. You want the money you are owed, but you don't want to alienate a client. Michael Todd says the trick is to start softly and toughen up later in the process. He shows you exactly how to go about your first reminder.
12 May 2011