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I started Bizbuzz (or HomebizBuzz as it was called then) in 2000, when I worked from home and realised there was nowhere for home businesses to find relevant information, nor a community of like-minded people to tap into for support, or just a chat. A few years later, Smallbizbuzz was born, and the two sites have since amalgamated to become Bizbuzz as you see it today: a popular, active destination for self-employed business owners, a place to find information, resources, tools, support and friends.

I'm passionate about micro business, as they are often "invisible" and their contribution to the economy is under-rated. I've been involved in research projects, co-written a book chapter, launched The David Awards and lobbied government and others to help give the micro business person a voice. In 2005, I was humbled to receive a Vero Excellence in Business Support for the Individual who had made the biggest contribution to business support in New Zealand.

When I'm not driving Bizbuzz, I enjoy gardening, experimenting in the kitchen, entertaining, travel and spending time with my family.

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When you decide to work from home, deciding exactly what you will be doing, and where, is a big part of getting the setup right. Here are some issues to bear in mind.
24 Aug 2017
Price tag
Do you tear your hair out trying to put a price to a product or service? Here's some savvy advice which could help set you on the right track
25 Jul 2017
Running a small business, possibly even from home, is not everyone's cup of tea. In fact, for some people it's just the wrong thing to do. If it doesn't suit you, it can be frustrating and even depressing. Here are some things to take into account before taking the plunge.
18 May 2017
image courtesy of Iamwahid freeimages.com
Turning a great idea into a viable home or small business is not so easy. Heather Douglas examines some of the stumbling blocks, and how home businesses can be helped to be more successful.
26 Apr 2017
Good financial management throughout the year gives you a clear picture of how your business is doing, helps you set financial goals and plan budgets and makes handling the necessary administration for your financial year-end easier.
31 Mar 2017