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Networking tips from our contributors

How to get the most out of business networking by establishing win-win relationships and helping others.
What is networking? Networking for business is a marketing strategy that is about making friends and forming strong relationships that will help you grow your business. It is said that it is not what you know in business, but who you know. However, most people have no idea how to network... more
Hannah du Plessis
The David Awards are geared towards recognising great little businesses at the smaller end of the business scale in New Zealand. Have you got what it takes to enter?
Our “Davids” are ordinary, everyday, Kiwi small business owners who are not afraid of taking on the Goliaths of the commercial world – despite the overwhelming imbalance in size and resources - and forging success for themselves on their own terms. Our “Davids” are the local entrepreneurs whose... more
Bizbuzz Team
Process chart
Until you sell something, all your marketing efforts have done is create awareness for your product or service and generate leads. Now you need to be able to back that up by actually selling your products and services!
A sale is not something that happens in one go. It takes time. It takes time because you have to move along the same steps that your customers go through to purchase. Just as they have a buying process, you need to have a selling process - a step-by-step approach. You need to understand the buying... more
Nicola Anderson
Networking is something you either love or you hate. However, whichever side of the fence you sit, it is something that can quickly change the fortunes of your business. It is not difficult, not expensive and done well, can generate exactly the sort of business you want right now. If you have done your networking well, when business starts to slow down, kicking in a little extra networking can turn it around in as little as one hour and for next to no expense. My Marketing Expert has some tips.
If you think you are just not cut out for networking, and it's all about pushing your products and services then think again! With the right attitude and approach you may even enjoy it! Networking - online or offline - even the word is enough to send many capable business owners diving for cover... more
Nicola Anderson
In agreement
Do people love doing business with you because you keep your word? Or do promises and plans seem to elude you just because you haven't found a way to make agreements stick? Lisa Mininni suggests ways to help you honour your commitments.
Have you ever made a commitment that didn't stick? Perhaps you resolved to begin a new exercise regime but stopped it after week one. You may have even resolved to draw in more clients, but didn't invest in yourself to learn about the latest marketing or networking techniques. Maybe you even... more
Lisa Mininni
The trophy for The David Awards Supreme Winner
You've put the hard yards into getting your business where it is today. Now get the recognition you deserve! But hurry, entry for The David Awards closes on 12 August at 5 p.m.
The David Awards acknowledge the fact that New Zealand's small, micro and home businesses more than hold their own against the better known Goliaths in our Kiwi business landscape. In fact, size for size, they punch well above their weight. We know our "Davids" are great little businesses, started... more
Bizbuzz Team
New Zealand’s third National Business Networking Week organised by the country’s largest business networking organisation BNI New Zealand, is to be held this week, Monday May 9th to Friday May 13th. The focus of this year’s Networking Week is to recognise and celebrate the role that networking... more
Bizbuzz Team
This may be the best place to camp in New Zealand. It's certainly the best place to tour when you're looking for a wide variety of outdoor activities. Visitors enjoy hiking through the woods, visiting the lovely beaches, fishing, and hunting, camping, biking, and even scuba diving. Abel Tasman... more
Stew Robertson
Liquorice allsorts
Your childhood stranger-danger conditioning might well be holding you back in business. Claudia Disney has some advice on breaking the ice with prospective customers.
My parents spent a lot of time and energy teaching me to talk.  In the years following they spent an equal amount of time and energy shutting me up.  This was closely followed by a stern instruction not to accept sweets from strangers, and in my teenage years Dad saw it fit to remind me accepting... more
Claudia Disney
Boy's feet in dad's shoes
It's a line often trotted out to business newbees, but are these words of wisdom? Hannah Samuel thinks not - or at least, not always
Should I 'fake it till I make it?' is a question I'm regularly asked. No doubt many individuals and businesses have got ahead and been given the opportunity to prove they can, indeed, deliver on their promises by doing exactly this. For others, however, following this advice can be extremely risky... more
Hannah Samuel