Enjoy the self-employed lifestyle

Whether you like to work hard, play hard, or just want to fit your business round your everyday life (or the other way round), being your own boss is not always what it's cracked up to be. We can help you ensure you get the best of both worlds
Being self-employed is great. You set your own salary and have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Yeah, right! Running your own business can also be very stressful, it can be hard to find enough time in the day, juggling family and work responsibilities can drive you round the bend. This section of the site will help you regain your sense of control and find ways to enjoy what your business should be about - your lifestyle!

Make the most of being your own boss

piggy bank
Dealing with your own financial affairs can be a daunting prospect and often business owners don't so much choose where they will go as end up with a particular bank by default. Stuart Wills suggests some things you might take into consideration when choosing where to keep your hard-earned money.

There are various thoughts and opinions when it comes to how people think of their banks.

Some people have been dealing with the same bank for many years and have always received the service that they had expected while others are never satisfied with the banks – plus there are many who would sit somewhere in between.

One huge influence is how much you are deemed worth by the bank.

Banks typically have a rating for their customers whereby those who have a certain level... more

At least one judge of The David Awards is eating humble pie this year, after a business previously deemed an unlikely top contender took out the Supreme Award in this year’s event.

Richard Conway’s Pure SEO has not only claimed the supreme title, but has also been named the Most Outstanding Transitional Business and a finalist in the Most Outstanding Triumph over Adversity and Most Community-Minded Business categories. In 2011, they won the Most Outstanding Fledgling Business category in The David Awards 2013.

Speaking on behalf of the judges, Glenn Baker commented, “We were a little dubious about Pure SEO last time they entered. We suspected they were too under... more

The David Awards are geared towards recognising great little businesses at the smaller end of the business scale in New Zealand. Have you got what it takes to enter?

Our “Davids” are ordinary, everyday, Kiwi small business owners who are not afraid of taking on the Goliaths of the commercial world – despite the overwhelming imbalance in size and resources - and forging success for themselves on their own terms.

Our “Davids” are the local entrepreneurs whose visions seem impossibly big and unattainable but who have taken small step after small step, until the unlikely seems probable and the probable begins to become a reality.

... more
Personal matters have a habit of impinging on the time and energy you put into your home business. Nicole Attias suggests putting some temporary measures in place to help you make it through the tough times

Just when you think things are flowing smoothly in your business, personal or family matters come up. Others are requesting your help and your time more than usual, you're having problems with your mate or family members and you feel burnt out because you've worked so hard to get to this great place in your business. You now find yourself trying to balance work and personal matters to the best of your ability. You "know" that the best of you feels "blocked" and is not coming out since these... more

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If you run all or part of your business from home, and you have children, you'll know what a juggle it can be to keep the business on track while the kids are home. We come to the rescue with some tips to help you stay sane (and profitable) during the school holidays.

Sharing your home with your work can be challenging during the school holidays. Here are some tips that can take away some stress for work-at-home parents.

The Challenge
One of the biggest reasons you chose to work from home, was to spend more time with your children. But somehow your best client always seems to need something urgently, just at school holiday time. Or perhaps it's just that school holidays come around faster than one expects, last longer, and the loss in income... more

Jumping the hurdle
If you feel out of control over the circumstances in your life, you need to choose to believe in yourself and in the ultimate goodness of life, says Marian Kerr. She shows you how to make a start

While we don’t always have control over the circumstances of our lives, we do have control over how we react to those circumstances. Our beliefs shape our thoughts and our thoughts are the stimulus for our actions.

Building a robust belief in ourselves; in our own particular strengths; and in our ability to take appropriate and effective action will help us weather the storms of life; recover from adversity; and strengthen our ability to cope and adapt to change.

What is... more

A compilation of tidbits of great advice on maintaining your health.

Asthma Statistics
New Zealand has the second highest rate of asthma in the world. Many studies implicate free radicals in this debilitating condition and antioxidants, through their free radical fighting ability, can be helpful in reducing the frequency and severity of attacks. It is difficult for many asthmatics to get enough exercise which makes the empty calories of processed foods and snacks even more of a problem. Increasing the intake of nutritionally dense fresh foods... more

When you are in the throes of running your business on a daily basis, it can be hard to take a long-term perspective - but it's important to have these plans in place and work towards them. Have you considered your exit strategy?

What are you going to do when you "finish" with your home business? Do you have an exit strategy? Have you benchmarked the important steps along the way to achieving this and are you working to turn them into reality?

Home business and small business owners generally have a variety of exit options. There is no "right" answer and you will need to decide for yourself which one (or combination) suits you.

Will you work until you drop? Will you simply pack your home office into... more
Here's some sound advice from Rober Gerrish that will not only see you enjoy your home business more, but make it more likely you (and it) will last the distance

1. To succeed, you have to work long hours
There's no doubt that starting and growing a business takes commitment and involves time and effort. Working long hours, however, is often not the answer.

If you're working without taking a break, you'll not be working effectively and you'll soon become exhausted.

To be productive; to think clearly about where your business is headed and to serve your clients well, you need to keep your own well-being at the top of your list of... more

What you've gleaned from your life experiences can make things easier for your family, says marketer Joe Vitale. He offers a guide to getting started on your own manual

Imagine if your great, great grandfather or grandmother had left you a book with their secrets for living. Maybe it contained nuggets of wisdom, yummy recipes, favourite jokes, or just insights on how to lead a good life. Ever since people learned of my next book, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, people are curious how to create their own “manual” for life.

You can leave such a book for your own family. What are the key lessons you’ve learned in your life? Are you... more