Who's who in Our Hive

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Karen Knight has over 25 years experience in the motor vehicle industry, including both the repair and leasing sectors. Karen was previously with Esanda FleetPartners as National Vehicle Manager, has an MBA from Auckland University and is senior

consultant for Crash Brokers Ltd, a unique...

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I am passionate about small business. I have over 12 years of experience in small business, and have been through the ups and downs involved with 'going it alone'. With a technology degree, and 10 years of involvement in the industry I still find the fast pace of technology exciting and a...

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Geoff Smith is the Master Franchisee for Cartridge World New Zealand, an international franchise operation with 27 stores nationwide. Cartridge World is the industry leader in refilling printer cartridges. Reloading your cartridge at Cartridge World is simply having your printing cartridge...

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Just starting at home business in home services under name Smooth as Ironing. Initially as ironing only with later add on,s of dryclean and washing. Having been made redundant 3 times in last year and numerous times before that reckon might be time to work for a more secure position were I am...

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In some cases, you need flowers delivered on short notice but not necessarily the same day. Many companies offer next day flower delivery and are often happy to accommodate your needs. As with any other order for flower delivery you place, be sure to understand the company’s specific terms of...

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Harry Touzel is an expert in management and leadership. He  provides coaching and mentoring services to business owners. He also lectures in Applied Management and Leadership.

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Jane Francis is the author of "Price

Yourself Right”. Jane is based in Auckland and is available as a coach,

trainer and workshop leader to help sales teams and companies pitch and present

their price with creativity and confidence.

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I'm a freelance web designer based on Auckland's North Shore. Contact me for:

♦ Small business websites

♦ Copywriting for web and print

♦ Ezines/digital newsletters

♦ Website maintenance

♦ Editing and proofreading

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Now although this may not be something that you are giving much thought of at this time of year but the summer will not last forever. Everybody does little things throughout the year to make sure that their homes will be protected once the winter months come around again but what about your...

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Russell Devlin is an Architect working from a home studio in his Christchurch garden. He specializes in Passive Solar and Energy efficient design for varied projects and incorporates as many environmentally friendly design solutions as possible. If you start with the general questions or the...

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This article by Peter Sun is

provided by Dmitri Stern.

Peter Sun has become one of Australia's most unlikely millionaires. After

failing marketing at University and going bankrupt in his own spa manufacturing

business, Peter has become one of Australia's most...

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Cowps Productions

Professional video promoting your Business,Property or Event. 

Your video will be uploaded to Youtube, Facebook and your website.

80% of web users have watched a video advert online. 52% took action after viewing the advert. Yellow pages.

“Since our...