Govt regulations about running a business from home

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Hey there everyone!

I am in the process of starting up an internet based business which I can run from the home office and am wondering what regulations there are concerning running a business from a residential premises?  For example, do I need to bubble wrap my chair in order to comply with OSH regulations? Or a replace the welcome mat with a "hazard" sign?

More along the lines of general rules as opossed to industry specific.

Thanks guys! Appreciate any input you might have.


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I think there are no definite rules that apply when you are working from home.

I personally manage a group of freelancers and I am comfortable working at my house. I just use a time monitoring software to accurately keep track of their work hours and have an overview of their computer activities.

That setup works well for our team. It helps us to become more organized and productive.

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Of course if you attract clients to your home, or use chemicals, etc there are rules - OSH, council, etc. I also believe it's quite hard these days to get homes approved for preparing food.

I was interested in a work side effect of the CH quakes. Numerous businesses were forced to operate from home. While some were pleasantly suprised by the experience, most seemed keen to get back to commercial premises.

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