When things go bad

Put the squeeze on your debtor without hurting the relationship

Sometimes you really, really need an overdue account to be paid, but are afraid putting pressure on the debtor could sour the relationship. Michael Todd suggests there is another option.

My debtor has gone under! What do I do now?

What would you do if one of your debtors went into liquidation? In this article, Jo-Ella Sarich explains your options and the steps you can take to protect your business.

Who's on your team of committed advisors?

Being a business owner can be a solitary job. You’re the one who has to make the decisions and who is accountable for the effect of those decisions. At the end of the day, the buck stops with you. This kind of responsibility can leave you feeling lonely, tired and harrassed - and often scared and confused as well.

Beestings: Is your business financially secure?

This week's guaranteed-under-two-minute read has some tips and information to help you bring money into your business when you need it.

Home loans provide the cheapest business finance

There are many ways for a business to raise money, and not all are equal. Stuart Wills covers some of what you need to know before you go knocking on the bank manager's door.

Resiliency - a radical redefining for turbulent times

Resiliency is critical for any business as there will almost certainly be ups and downs along the way. Eileen McDargh reckons that in the current economy just bouncing back is not enough.

Warnings for directors

If you are a director or thinking of becoming a director of a company then you must ensure you are fully aware of your duties and your potential liabilities. As seen in some recent cases involving failed finance companies, directors might even face fines or jail terms for their actions.

Beestings: Give your business direction; bee in to win a printer worth $500

There's more to running your own business than just doing a good day's work. Self-employment does not actually suit everyone, though for others it offers a great deal more than working for someone else. Even if you've got what it takes, there are times you might get bogged down and feel like you're not going anywhere fast. This week's guaranteed-under-two-minute read helps you work out if running your own business is right for you, find direction and build a business around your vision.

Vision - the first step

For most people this is not the first step in their business. But if you recognise that you're business is not really going anywhere, this should be the first step to getting it sorted. Best of all, it's relatively quick and painless - although it might hurt your brain trying to summarise what your business is really about.

Bullies in business

You finally made the gutsy move to run your own business. You are the boss, you make the decisions, right? Not necessarily, there is always some bully who will try and throw you off your throne. Here is how to deal with them.

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